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Snowy White is one of a handful of classic blues-orientated British electric guitar players - musicians whose sound, technique and style combine the inspiration of the blues with the excitement of contemporary rock.

At the age of eleven he first heard the urban blues sound that had been emanating from 
the United States, people such as BB King, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Albert King, and was immediately aware that this was the music that he wanted to incorporate in his

playing. He has developed his own style of ‘English‘ blues, a combination of clear, clean blues phrases and harder-edged riffs that are a recognisable feature of his very personal songs.


In 1974 he toured the east coast of America, getting as far south as New Orleans and discovering that he thoroughly enjoyed being ‘on the road’. He had by then become friendly with the now legendary English blues guitarist Peter Green and they spent a lot of

time jamming together. In the Autumn of 1976 he was invited to tour America and Europe with Pink Floyd and in 1978 the band’s keyboard player Rick Wright asked him to play guitar on his solo album, entitled Wet Dream, which he recorded in the South of France.


In 1979 Peter Green decided to head for the studio once more and invited Snowy along to jam. The result was the album entitled In the Skies, now something of a collectors item.

He was then asked by the Pink Floyd to go to America to rehearse their new show entitled The Wall, and, at the same time, the rock band Thin Lizzy invited him to become a full-time member. So after completing the Floyds’ U.S. dates he returned to England and

went straight into the studio to record his first Thin Lizzy album Chinatown. Three years of touring a second album, Renegade, followed. He then decided that it was time to do his own thing and quit the band in 1982.

He got together with musicians that he had known and admired for a long time - drummer Richard Bailey, keyboardist Godfrey Wang, and his good friend for many years, bassist and producer Kuma Harada. Together they came up with Snowy’s first solo album, White Flames. A single, the timeless Bird of Paradise, written by Snowy, was taken from the album. It became an international hit in 1984 and again ten years later when it was used on a TV advertisment for KLM Airlines.


However, the idea of becoming a ‘singles’ artiste, with the consequent concern about where the next hit record was coming from, did not appeal to him, and he took a break to rethink his musical direction. During that time he put together a gigging blues band, The Blues Agency, with drummer Jeff Allen, his old friend Kuma on bass, and, as he wanted to concentrate only on playing the guitar, singer and harp player Graham Bell. Between 1986 and 1989 the band played in the UK and Europe, and recorded two albums, Change my Life, followed by Open for Business (which was released in Europe as Blues on Me).


In June 1990 Roger Waters, having split from Pink Floyd, asked Snowy to perform with him on the spectacular The Wall show, in front of 350,000 people in Berlin featuring a star-studded cast including Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, The Band and Bryan Adams. For many

people the highlight of the show was Snowy’s solo in Comfortably Numb, played at the top of the eighty foot wall. In 1991 Snowy appeared with Roger Waters again at The Guitar Legends Festival in Seville.


After this concert Snowy decided that it was time that he returned to the mainstream of things so he set about putting down songs that he had been writing during the previous few years. The result was the 1993 album entitled ‘Highway to the Sun’, which features guest appearances by Chris Rea, David Gilmour and Gary Moore.


Since then Snowy has been busy gigging and recording with his own band, The White Flames, releasing a string of albums, including No Faith Required, Keep Out - We Are Toxic, Little Wing, Restless, The Way It Is, and Live Flames. Since 1999 he has also toured the world several times with Roger Waters.

He returned to his blues roots in 2008 with a new band, The Snowy White Blues Projectfeaturing White Flames drummer Juan Van Emmerloot, guitarist Matt Taylor and bassist Ruud Weber Jr. The album In Our Time Of Living was be released in May 2009. As

Snowy said, “People keep saying they want to hear more blues from me. Well, I now have a great blues band, with two excellent vocalists, and I’ll be free to concentrate on playing the blues on my old Gibson. I’m looking forward to it a lot!”


The Snowy White Blues Project spent much of 2009 and early 2010 on the road and Recorded a show in Holland which is released as the album In Our Time… Live, in September 2010.


Also in September Snowy continues his long-standing association with Roger Waters by joining him on The Wall tour in the U.S.A. More Blues Project shows are in the pipeline for 2011.