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King of the World shows 2017
"Dutch Blues Bassist 2013, 2014 and now 2016"
After 2013 eand 2014 I've received my third Blues Award "Dutch Blues Bassist 2016". Very happy with it! And I would like to thank everybody for voting!!
King of the World on their way to the USA!

After two studio and one live CD, the boys of King of the World decided to record their fourth album with producer Erwin Musper. He currently lives in South America and made his fame as a producer by working with names like Mick Jagger, Elton John, Van Halen, Jeff Beck and many many others. Erwin Musper, an original Dutchman, left Holland to go work and live in the USA in 1991.  After years of working in the USA he decided to built his own Bamboo studios in a villa on the hills of Cincinnati. In this studio King of the World will be recording their fourth album. New material that has been written and tried at live shows over the last year. They will be leaving on May 1st to Cincinnati. To be continued......
Interview Bass Quarterly
Swingin Groningen with Jan Akkerman and the C&B Horns
June 13th we did a great show during the Swingin' Groningen Festival with special guests: Jan Akkerman en the C&B Horns. Check out the video!
Snowy White


Snowy has invited me to come to his first show in 18 month and do a guest appearence that night. The sold out shows is a one of peformance in the Gaste Garage in Hasbergen Germany! I'm totaly looking forward to playing with him again! 

New CD KOTW "Live at Paradiso"
Buddy X Groenlo

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